Environmental Consulting

Environmental Remediation

Following an environmental site assessment, groundwater or underground petrolecontaminated soil removalum storage system assessment, identified soil or groundwater contamination must be remediated (cleaned up) where there is a risk to human or environmental health. This typically involves excavating contaminated soil and disposing of it to landfill.  Environmental remediation may also involve on or offsite treatment of contaminated soil or groundwater.

ESP – Environmental & Safety Professionals (ESP) perform waste classification assessments of contaminated soils for landfill disposal or where excess soils are to be disposed through site redevelopment.  Experienced ESP environmental consultants will assist in reducing the waste category of the soil and adopt environmental management practices such as onsite reuse in preference to offsite disposal.  A reduction in waste category and/or waste quantity can save thousands of dollars in contaminated soil disposal fees. 

ESP environmental consulting implements appropriate assessment and management strategies, transport and disposal of contaminated soils.

ESP soil remediation and groundwater remediation experience includes:

  • Over twenty years of project experience in assessment, remediation and management of asbestos contaminated soils
  • Underground petroleum storage system (UPSS) management including environment protection plans
  • Soil remediation including removal and validation of underground storage tanks
  • Soil contamination management plans
  • Remediation action plans (RAP)
  • Groundwater remediation including clean up to the extent practicable (CUTEP) submissions, multi-phase vacuum extraction and enhanced natural attenuation

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