Environmental Consulting

Environmental Air Monitoring

ESP – Environmental & Safety Professionals (ESP) provides a full range of Low and High volume as well as static environmental samplers and sampling regimes to meet the compliance requirements of local councils, state and territory regulators, Australian Standard and US EPA Method and Compendium Methods.

Depending upon the nature of the environmental contaminants, required clean-up regime, proximity to source contamination and community proximity, ESP provides the required environmental samplers to meet:

  • US EPA 454/R-99-005 Weather monitoring
  • AS/NZS 3580.1.1 Siting of Monitoring Equipment
  • US EPA 625/R-96/010b Compendium Method TO-13A – Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Ambient Air Using Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)

Environmental Dust Monitoring
Any Regulated or specified scientific sampling method can be implemented.  Our experienced consultants can develop an environmental monitoring program to fully comply with requirements set by local Council, state and territory regulatory authority. See also Occupational Dust Monitoring.

Weather Monitoring
It is a requirement of the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority that weather parameters are managed on remediation and construction sites.

ESP will provide a range of weather monitoring stations to meet your requirements.  Weather stations can be customised to measure any of the following parameters:

  • Atmospheric pressure.
  • Dry Bulb Temperature.
  • Wet Bulb Temperature.
  • Wind Speed.
  • Wind Direction.
  • Solar Radiation.
  • Rainfall.

Weather stations can be made compliant to US EPA 454/R-99-005, International or Australian specifications as required.  Monitoring can be at ground level or at heights up to 10 metres above ground.

Weather Monitoring can report:

  • Inversion data (2 pressure sensors required at different heights.
  • Dry Bulb Temperature.
  • Wet Bulb Temperature.
  • % Relative Humidity.
  • Frost Warning.
  • Wind Rose summary – wind speed and direction summary over 1 month (or other specified time interval).
  • % Cloud cover.
  • % Daylight.
  • Rainfall to 9:00 am or for 24 hours or as specified.

Data may be downloaded periodically or to a user dedicated website for online viewing of current and past site monitoring data.

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